supereve (supereve) wrote in skandalnudeln,

This is a story about an old friend of mine called....Gustav

Gustav, my old new friend is a friend of Daniel´s, too. I think he always shaves himself ("An meiner intimsten Stelle hab ichs mir selbst gemacht"). But I think I should change this....the truth is I want to shave Gustav or, to be exact, Gustav´s Feet *drools* so that the hobeln becomes easier, but that´s not his job either, because my noodles will satisfy him. So we will have nice cream for our coffee at the end. Yum! What a good taste! But my suggestion is we should not use it for the coffee but for noodles...noodles with cream sauce! Even more yum! And once he is finished, we will be finished, too.

I will write him a letter and suggest this. Perhaps he likes to sing about the friend of his and, of course, our friend, too. Go, Gustav, go!
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